Is a big bitcoin resurgence on the horizon?

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Bitcoin jumps above $5,000. What's driving the resurgence? With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Brian Kelly, Mark Tepper and Guy Adami.

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Is a big bitcoin resurgence on the horizon?

43 Kommentare

    1. @HUMAN FROM EARTH So neither you, nor anybody you personally know have ever bought anything with Bitcoin. Yet you think it will become an alternative currency how?

    1. Far from greed, there are many people in dire need of a financial system that works the old banking system is crumbling at the foundation anyone that is to high up or thinks they are above the collapse will be severely notched down. Best to get into the next system early as it is building quickly.

  1. ‚New all-time highs next cycle.‘ – This is what the mainstream media is going to push until it actually happens. If you thought the FOMO was real last bull run, this one is probably going to be 100X more intense. TO THE F’ING MOON.

    1. You Guys sound like idiots Assuming things probably thinking bitcoin will never work and it’s a scam and that it will dump under no technical analysis. I’m not saying I know what’s gonna happens cause no one knows, but every sign and pattern and volume says it’s on the way up and is Bullish and it might well dump but do we really know NO because honestly there’s more potential in it going up then down bitcoin enthusiast or not the history shows at all time. And if you actually know the blockchain technology around bitcoin you’d know 5k is still actually really low. That’s wasn’t a dump this morning that was setting a low and every low is higher. Can’t go up all the time.

    2. @JourneyToFitness I know it will go up. We are actually days away from the golden cross. I was laughing about how CNBC is wrong 90 percent of the time.

    3. Frederick Dorsey Oh yeah, I got the joke after, my fault. I thought it was just someone always commenting negative with no reasoning behind why they think so but to hate but what can you do

  2. „the bitcoin supply is going to be cut in half“ <- No it's not... The amount of coins mined in a new block are going to be cut in half. Or in layman's terms: Bitcoins inflation rate is going to be cut in half.

    1. I will be too old 20 years from now , I would be 62 twenty years from now. I want profits ASAP so the road to riches is cryptocurrency.

  3. The greed that crypto creates is insane. Its like people rushing to a casino to place there bet on the next coin thats going to pump except no one actually cares about being able to use there bitcoin they just want to sell it for dollars not the best sign for real world use case

  4. CNBC inverted indicator is most accurate indicator for now. CNBC says buy – you need to sell, CNBC says you need to buy – you need to sell.

  5. a lot DIDN’T go to zero… there are 8 decimal places in one bitcoin…….. and coins like bytecoin and dogecoin have always needed more than 8 so you don’t know what your’e talking about or not talking about.

    1. Also, 2019 MAY 01 will be 501 days since $19,000 and 2019-5-31 will be 531 days since $19,000. Something will probably happen this month. Also, calling at least 200,000 next ath.

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