Jack Dorsey spends $10K a week on bitcoin, predicts a ‚massive‘ bitcoin boom

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Jack Dorsey makes a very big bitcoin bet. With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Brian Kelly, Chris Verrone and Steve Grasso.

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Jack Dorsey spends $10K a week on bitcoin, predicts a 'massive' bitcoin boom

45 Kommentare

    1. @Akashi Production … those go no where if btc goes no where. Any one that has been around knows full well that when btc does well everything does well, if btc does bad then everything does bad.

    1. Just from your comment, I assume you were not here for the last run with a position below $2,000. If you have witnessed anything in this industry then you should have a feeling that its coming… again… This will be the 4th time. Most people missed every single one of them because they were scared.

  1. It’s time to hold on for the slow up trend ride. Eth reward issuance and the litecoin halvening are going to brew good things up this year. Then the btc halvening in May 2020 should help us achieve a bull run in the end of 2020- early 2021.

    Remember When the supply issuance cuts, the prices will adjust to current demands. You thought you seen a bull run in 2017, we’ll get ready to find it difficult to grasp a whole BTC in this one.
    Dam, it feels good to be a Hodlr.

  2. Jack Dorsey removes the truth from twitter?
    But knows the future truth about Bitcoin but never bought at the Bitcoin beginning?
    DEC low for Bitcoin.

  3. One month later, April 1st, 2nd, 3rd . . . time to stop thinking and start getting on board. Even if this turns out to be a temporary pump, bitcoin is showing signs of strength which can’t just be dismissed.

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