John McAfee Forecasts for the Currency of Bitcoin 2019

John McAfee Forecasts for the Currency of Bitcoin 2019
Free yourselves from the current burden we all share a government
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John McAfee Forecasts for the Currency of Bitcoin 2019

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    1. Bitcoin is again lacking clear directional bias, but may soon pick up a strong bid against ethereum and other altcoins, according to intermarket analysis. You have the right choice now with bitcoin trading. Everyday thousands of trades lose their Bitcoin or rather stay constant with their Bitcoin thereby resulting no change in capital. I invested 0.5btc and I have gained over 2.7btc over time trading with Mr Conlan McIntyre.
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    2. +Nic Parker – That was a great way of distracting from the point (and I’m sure that you’re so hyper-intelligent that you never make a typo error – and that you’ve never trusted your voice rec before)

  1. It’s called *Freemasonry* ..that pest has infiltrated almost EVERY Gov around the world.
    It’s no secret you just need to do a little research. The *Illuminati* is the name of the group, broken down into clans…all leading up to to Royals & Dictators.

    1. Bitcoin is again lacking clear directional bias, but may soon pick up a strong bid against ethereum and other altcoins, according to intermarket analysis. You have the right choice now with bitcoin trading. Everyday thousands of trades lose their Bitcoin or rather stay constant with their Bitcoin thereby resulting no change in capital. I invested 0.5btc and I have gained over 2.7btc over time trading with Mr Conlan McIntyre.
      You can reach out to him on his WhatsApp Business platform on +1(318) 800-6570.

  2. If McAffee were a man of his word, he would have eaten his cockmeat sandwich for the kleptocurrency not hitting his conjured up price projection.

  3. John i am a lawyer who will not take the bar because i will not betray my republic and will not pledge to a communist organization which the 13th amendemnt was omitted but ratifyed however one can get a copy of the constitution and see this is still the law lawyers cannot hold public office or public seats . I am a constitutional lawyer and the 2 reconized governments are in the U.C.C. Every man and child is subjogatted at birth via the birth certificate which is a negotiable instrument and collaterailized making every human in the west a corporate legal fiction and this negates the constitution for the 14th amendment U.S. CITIZEN .the corporation U.S.D.C. Gained theis control in 1871 and then the 1913 federal reserve act and 1933 gold confiscation sealed it for all . Sovereignty gone and feaudilism -slavery where the subjects can never own land or autos and even there bodys with clever language ,legalese-latin (persons) defined are federal employees just the same as residents and i can expand on this for hours 🙂 Rights Lost By Becoming a statutory “U.S. citizen”
    A state Citizen has the right to have any gun he/she wishes without being registered. A “U.S. citizen” under 8 U.S.C. §1401 does not. In the District of Columbia, it is a felony to own a handgun unless you are a police officer or a security guard or the hand gun was registered before 1978. The District of Columbia has not been admitted into the Union. Therefore the people of the District of Columbia are not protected by the Second Amendment or any other part of the Bill of Rights. Despite the lack of legal guns in DC, crime is rampant. It is called Murder Capital of the World. This should prove that gun control/victim disarmament laws do not work in America. Across the country, there is an assault on guns. If you are a “U.S.** citizen” and you are using Second Amendment arguments to protect your rights to keep your guns, I believe you are in for a surprise. First by registering gun owners then renaming guns ‚Assault Weapons‘ and ‚Handguns‘, those in power will take away your civil right to bear arms. Of course, they won’t tell you that the right to keep and bear arms is a civil right and not a natural right for a U.S. citizens. The Supreme court has ruled that you as an individual have no right to protection by the police. Their only obligation is to protect „society“. The real protection for state Citizens to keep their guns is not the Second Amendment but the Ninth Amendment.

    A state Citizen has the right to travel on the public easements (public roads) without being registered. A statutory “U.S. citizen” does not. It is a privilege for a foreigner to travel in any of the several states. If you are a statutory U.S. citizen, you are a foreigner in a constitutional state. The state legislators can require foreigners and people involved in commerce (chauffeurs, freight haulers) to be licensed, insured, and to have their vehicles registered. When you register your car, you turn over power of attorney to the state. At that point, it becomes a motor vehicle. If it is not registered then it is not a motor vehicle and there are no motor vehicle statutes to break. There are common law rules of the road. If you don’t cause an injury to anybody then you cannot be tried.

    If your car is registered, the state effectively owns your car. The state supplies a sticker to put on your license plate every time you re-register the motor vehicle. Look closely at the sticker on your plate right now. You may be surprised to see that it says „OFFICIAL USE ONLY“.(Note: In some states, they do not use stickers on the plate) You may have seen municipal vehicles that have signs on them saying „OFFICIAL USE ONLY“ on them but why does yours? You do not own your car. You may have a Certificate of Title but you probably do not have the certificate of origin. You are leasing the state’s vehicle by paying the yearly registration fee. Because you are using their equipment, they can make rules up on how it can be used. If you break a rule, such as driving without a seatbelt, you have broken the contract and an administrative procedure will make you pay the penalty. A state Citizen must be able to explain to the police officers why they are not required to have the usual paperwork that most people have. They should carry copies of affidavits and other paperwork in their car. The state Citizen should also be prepared to go to traffic court and explain it to the judge.

    The right of trial by jury in civil cases, guaranteed by the 7th Amendment (Walker v. Sauvinet, 92 U.S. 90 (1875)), and the right to bear arms, guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment (Presser v. Illinois, 116 U.S. 252 (1886)), have been distinctly held not to be privileges and immunities of “citizens of the United States” guaranteed by the 14th Amendment against abridgment by the states, and in effect the same decision was made in respect of the guarantee against prosecution, except by indictment of a grand jury, contained in the 5th Amendment (Hurtado v. California, 110 U.S. 516 (1884)), and in respect of the right to be confronted with witnesses, contained in the 6th Amendment.“ West v. Louisianna, 194 U.S. 258 (1904).

    The privileges and immunities [civil rights] of the 14th Amendment citizens were derived [taken] from….the Constitution, but are not identical to those referred to in Article IV, Sect. 2 of the Constitution [which recognizes the existence of state Citizens who were not citizens of the United States because there was no such animal in 1787]. Plainly spoken, RIGHTS in the constitution of the United States of America, which are recognized to be grants from our creator, are clearly different from the “civil rights” that were granted by Congress to its own brand of franchised statutory “U.S. citizen” pursuant to 8 U.S.C. §1401.

    „A ‚civil right‘ is a right given and protected by law [man’s law], and a person’s enjoyment thereof is regulated entirely by law that creates it.“
    [Nickell v. Rosenfield, 82 CA 369 (1927), 375, 255 P. 760.]

    Title 42 of the USC contains the Civil Rights laws. It says „Rights under 42 USCS section 1983 are for citizens of the United States and not of state. Wadleigh v. Newhall (1905, CC Cal) 136 F 941.“

    In summary, what we are talking about here is a Master-Servant relationship. Being a person with a domicile within federal jurisdiction makes us subject to federal laws and makes us into a statutory “citizen of the United States” under 8 U.S.C. §1401. We become servants to our public servants. Those who file the IRS Form 1040 indicate a domicile in the District of Columbia, and have surrendered the protection of state law to become subject citizens. See IRS Document 7130 [1] , which says that this form may only be filed by “citizens and residents” of the “United States”, which is defined as the District of Columbia in 26 U.S.C. §7701(a)(9) and (a)(10). i wish for a mass awakening as this foreign banking cartell and sustainable development is reducuing our population through many different mechanisms like chemtrails gmo ffod mediceines vaccines 5 g micro wave tech and unhealthy frequencys form smart meters etc….i am more than willing to help you in the effort to restore our republic ‚The United States of America dejure . please respond if i can be of service ty .

  4. Last year I learnt a very important lesson and I don’t want it to be repeated again this year. So grab your chair, take cheese and nice fruit juice and listen to my story. I was not ready for Bitcoin or any of its story but my friend decided to talk me into it and so I became interested and decided to give it a shot and then I bought exactly 5 BTC when Bitcoin was still around $13,000+ and expectations was it will continue to rise and before the year end it will get to $100,000 to one Bitcoin not knowing that market affect it. When I saw that it keep declining I became confused and decided to try out trading but I lost more and so I decided to do an intensive research on how I can really increase my Bitcoin value. During my research I found a beginners trading post talking about a strategy on how to trade and make profit massively. I was afraid at first but I decided to give it a try and I contacted the person in charge, Mr. Dominic Connor, he took time to explain to me the different ways I can make more profit in this market decline season. I invested 2 BTC of my coin, and he handle the trading for me and my profit quickly rose to 7 BTC towards the end of December 2018, and I was convinced that this is the best way to make a good profit from Bitcoin trading. If you’re still confused and don’t know what to do or the steps to take this year I will advice you to contact dominicconnor33@gmailcom for all your cryptocurrency questions, strategy and beginners coaching.

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