Justice League: Doom #1 Movie CLIP – Superman Fight (2012) HD

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Justice League: Doom #1 Movie CLIP – Superman Fight (2012) HD

Vandal Savage steals confidential files Batman has compiled on the members of the Justice League, and learns all their weaknesses.

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Justice League: Doom #1 Movie CLIP – Superman Fight (2012) HD

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  1. Much respect to the music and sound guys in this clip. That was very impressive. Especially the part where ace throws that last punch and you hear the metal stop with the music building

  2. I love that they got Tim Daly to voice him. I always saw him as Superman during his Wings days. If only he had put on some muscle and dyed his hair black lol

  3. „No suspense!“
    not the point of this scene. This scene’s point was to make superman look cool which it does. Simply don’t bother messing with supes otherwise you’ll make a fool out of yourself. Besides if it were batman taking those punches and then karate chopping that robot in half you’d be creaming in your pants.

    1. Closing his eyes is supposed to make Superman look cool, especially when Ace winds up for the final punch and Superman’s eyes immediately snap open as he goes to block the shot, meaning that he didn’t even have to look to block Ace’s punch.

      It does annoy me how they had to have a scene where Superman struggles with Ace two seconds before but I guess that’s just a cheap writer’s tool to try to build suspense.

    2. superman was fighting ten, and it was equal, the point was that superman was just playing around, something he does a lot.

    1. They’re easily my favorite fictionnal race of all time.
      For example, did you know that Superboy, despite not being a complete Kryptonian (I’m talking about his new 52 version) can use Telekenysis and have mental powers in general ?
      Did you also know that Superman can see your soul and interact with it ? etc… etc… etc…

    1. Superman doesn’t stomp.If we are talking composite superman then yes, Supes win. If we are talking CURRENT SUPERMAN. Jiren murder stomps him. Goku in SSG when he was first introduced, was half universe buster. By the time he fought Jiren in SSG he was waaaaay stronger and Jiren blocked SSG punches with a finger lmao.

      Jiren can take forces that shakes infinity to the face and barely be bruised. Superman loses to guys like darkseid which are not even stronger than galactus and so on…

  4. Now this is the Superman I knew from my childhood. He stood for truth, justice, and the American way. „Super“ because he could dominate all, and yet remain incorruptible.

  5. This is an unapologetically powerful Superman. The kind we didn’t see in his Animated Series from the 90’s because they were worried his detractors wouldn’t be interested. It’s like someone at DC said ‚forget these fools, let Superman be Superman.‘

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