Krypto discovers his yard

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Krypto the Pitbull was found wandering in the woods with a 25-pound logging chain around his neck and his teeth filed down to nubs. It was believed he was destined to become a Bait dog, a submissive dog used to "train" fighters to kill. However, he escaped and now has a brand new home with a yard, and another dog to play with.

Krypto discovers his yard

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  1. @jec933 Thank you. Yeah, we’re really enjoying him so far. He’s so outgoing and friendly, you’d never imagine that he started life in such a terrible way.

  2. @gravano2 No idea, but I’m so glad he managed to escape. Now our only problem is that he doesn’t want to stop playing so his neutering site will heal. He keeps popping his stitches, and the vet noted he seems to have a little trouble clotting. He told us that he sees that in Pitbulls sometimes, but that it generally isn’t serious.

  3. @gravano2 I know he is probably so happy , those stitches will take some time – I always adopted older dogs , that think they are puppies . Does he sleep well ?

  4. @gravano2 Last night, he ran around all night until we finally had to crate him. Today, he did more running around and finally started to quiet down in the evening. We decided to just crate him during the night for a few days, in the hopes he’ll settle down and sleep.
    I also took him to Petsmart today, to get him a collar and harness. He made quite a few friends, and charmed everyone he met. He came home with one of those long dog squeaky toys, and he just absolutely loves it.

  5. @Isuke Give him 2 weeks , now when you own a pit bull and you hear all the stupidity , you will see how stupid it all is .Try living in my area with BSL ?

  6. @gravano2 Oh geez, I’m sorry to hear you live in an area like that. Thankfully, the only stupidity I’ve come across so far was my boss. I’d mentioned to her that my new dog was a Pitbull, and she immediately wondered why I wasn’t scared. Today, I stopped by work to introduce him to everyone and he was a complete hit.
    But she started to leave, saw I was parked beside her with Krypto out of the car, and immediately ran inside and would not come out until he was in the car.

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