Latest Update on Binance and Cryptopia!

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Latest Update on Binance and Cryptopia!

43 Kommentare

  1. So glad I only lost 1 LTC with them, although pity its value is now 4x – right now is the best time for them to be going into liquidation as they will make a crypto killing with everything now twice the price – they won’t just recover losses, they’ll actually make a ton of money just holding it for another 2 months!! Also, really loved the info about blocknet and crypto-bridge.

  2. Has any of the billions in hacked Crypto produced an arrest? The amount stolen must be in the 10s of billions now and it seems that crypto is so fundamentally unsafe that it’s a forgone conclusion to even think it’s possible to catch them. So these stories don’t seem to even bother following up on the investigation so crypto enthusiasts don’t have to hear each time how ridiculous it is to even think authorities would try.
    There is entirely to much excitement and commitment to crypto imo. As an average non techy guy that’s totally interested in it, it’s produced exactly Zero increase in reason for me to use it in the last 2 years. Not 1 thing I’ve purchased locally in the last 3 months could be purchased with crypto if I tried. Crypto is still completely meaningless to the world imo.

    1. Kermit please take the time to realize the separation between a cryptocurrency and an exchange.
      It’s like calling a dollar unsafe when a bank gets robbed. Except cryptocurrency (particularly Bitcoin and it’s decentralized Network) is 100x more secure. Centralized exchanges are one example of what we call bottlenecks, centralized weak points that can and will be taken advantage of.

    2. You really haven’t been able to spend any Cryptocurrencies? Wow. It’s pretty easy to spend on line and only 3 nights ago I paid for my dinner in a restaurant with crypto. Trust me I am extremely non techy.

    1. Yes sure but at least you can withdraw what’s left. I mean Cryptopia was shut for months without withdrawing and the same thing for binance.

    2. There is nothing to hack at dexes. Only individual users can be targeted. E.g. by dns spoofing and stealing individual keys (something like hapens to myetherwallet). But the damage would be insignificant compared to centralized ex hacks.

  3. too bad about cryptopia, they were actually really good to use for a long while, all well things change. good to know binance is working on things. thanks for the updates

    sincerely JR

  4. A year n a half or so ago, when influx of new users came on board, CrypDOH!!pia was having trouble. Started getting wobbly. I had to exit. Wallet was emptied for almost a year. They did have variety! Anyways. Always great content Heidi. Salute

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