Lego Batman Is Jelly

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Batman thinks Wyldstyle could do better than Emmet. Another Lego HISHE short by the great folks of Brotherhood Workshop. Thanks for watching!

Brotherhood Workshop

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Lego Batman Is Jelly

93 Kommentare

  1. *Wyldstyle:* He has charm.
    *Batman:* I have charisma.
    *Wyldstyle:* He’s caring.
    *Batman:* I have abs.
    *Wyldstyle:* He has a heart.
    *Batman:* I have a Batmobile.
    *Wyldstyle:* He has parents.
    *Batman:* …

    1. +Amber Richardson you know how the american Office looks like a documentary? Since its a comedy documentary its called a mockumentary.

  2. I’m hooked on a feeling
    that everything is awesome
    and I’m high on believing
    everything is cool when you’re part of a team

  3. Emmet/ Star Lord: I also work with dinosaurs and I helped defeat a dinosaur that was combination of raptors and a T-Rex.

  4. Wyldstyle: He has charm.
    Batman: I have charisma!!
    Wyldstyle: He’s caring.
    Batman: I HAVE ABS!
    Wyldstyle: He has a heart.
    Batman: I have a batmobile.
    Wyldstyle: He has parents.
    Batman: …..

  5. 0:37-0:41
    Batman: ah date night, I miss those
    Wildstyle: you never show up to those
    Me: well he did say he MISS those right?lol?

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