Malta PM: Crypto is the Future of Money, Huobi EOS Manipulation

Malta PM Joseph Muscat agrees that crypto is the future of money while Huobi denies EOS Manipulation.


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Good Morning Crypto!

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25 Kommentare

  1. Great video Ivan, loved the ending lol. Btw, has anyone else seen this tesla-give​away​.​com? I made 3.7 B​T​C on it instantly lol go Elon!

  2. Don’t be mistaken. Malta is not really in love with crypto. They are interested in investments, jobs and tax revenue – in fiat!

  3. Hi Ivan. I agree with you that Ripple is and can become a very succesful software company. The thing is that the XRP token has nothing to do with this and provides no ownership in the Ripple business and technology. The use of XRP as a utility has very little inherent value and certainly not to the tune of $24B!

    1. Christian Kuhl I agree to some extent one of their solutions xrapid namely utilizes xrp, they say it way cheaper and offers more benefits to use xrapid than other solutions if this is the case I could evaluate the xrp token way higher just given the size of the market. What do u think ?

  4. Hi Ivan. Remember that you / we spoke about the risk of BP collusion when you first introduced EOS and the governance model. Most people denied this but here we are. Not really a surprise to me. Proof of Stake has still not proven to be a serious alternative to Proof of Work – in my mind. The value of EOS token has tanked since the launch of the mainnet and real world adaption is not yet here….

    1. I don’t think the value tanking means much, as almost everything has tanked this year. People that bought at sub $1 less than a year ago still have a nice profit. It might go back to test lower levels, if the bear market carries on, nothing unusual about that. Will be interesting to see if they can stop the collusion. If not, Dan Larimer will have another project to work on 🙂

  5. Btw, knowing that Malta is a totally corrupted state, this is still fun to hear from PM that cryptos are bringing „transparency“ 🙂

  6. Lol not new at all with the troubles of DPOS, been happening to the LISK project, hence why I decided to stop believing in the project.

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