MAXWELL STABLECOIN CRYPTOCURRENCY: Largest Financial Ecosystem (Stablecoin & Cryptocurrency News)

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Maxwell brings the crypto and fiat worlds together with our groundbreaking three layered coin stabilization process.

With the blockchain revolution comes a safer way to protect and move money within banking ecosystems that would help protect the assets of the individuals. Integrating the traditional banking system with our Maxwell stablecoin cryptocurrency, this creates new opportunities at a global level. By trading commodities using local fiat currencies, and partnering with WTIA & Ternio makes our financial ecosystem the largest and safest financial system in the world without the fees or delays related to traditional banking systems.

The partnership with Ternio marks the close of Phase 1, and the upcoming move into 31 EEA (European Economic Area) countries consisting of EU and EFTA states. As MEDSiS begins Phase 2, it will fund and bring to scale their existing contracts in the western hemisphere. With Maxwell and its mobile wallet, Control, available in more than 34 markets starting in 2020, this agreement with Ternio marks the beginning of redefining the banking world, one country at a time.

"We're very excited to be working with MEDSiS and their upcoming plans related to the Maxwell stablecoin. The BlockCard platform will allow customers to spend it anywhere major credit cards are accepted." – Daniel Gouldman, CEO of Ternio

The collaboration is one of the first of its kind where a government backed contract will provide those newly banked individuals the tools and access to participate in this proprietary cryptocurrency (stablecoin) and global banking platform. “MAXWELL”, MEDSiS’ cryptocurrency is one area where WTIA plays a significant role in this collaboration. WTIA’s expertise in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain have positioned them to launch their own regulated exchange with an ability to lower transactional costs of the merchants, while improving the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of transactions. WTIA’s platform also has the ability to complete transactions under one second and is able to scale to more than 20,000 transactions per second, which is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

“Maxwell immediately becomes one of the largest cryptocurrencies in use, this makes our investment decision and entry into LATAM very attractive.” Keun-Young Kim Chairman, WTIA Co., Ltd.

About MEDSiS:
MEDSiS is an Identity Management and Big Data company that helps countries know their people. Bringing innovative and simple solutions to fix not just financial needs, but instilling in the population, the confidence of leadership while securing the individual’s identity. The key to everyone's empowerment starts with their identity. MEDSiS is the first private company to have a government blockchain contract.

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MAXWELL STABLECOIN CRYPTOCURRENCY: Largest Financial Ecosystem (Stablecoin & Cryptocurrency News)

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