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Google Pixel Slate, powered by the reimagined Chrome OS. Designed to be as versatile as you are, with a brilliant display, a desktop operating system, and the mobility and app support of a tablet. Plus, smart responsive accessories like Google Pixel Slate Keyboard and Pixelbook Pen.

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Meet Google Pixel Slate

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    1. The Retro Gamer Google must be very desperate if they’re advertising roblox on A Chromebook I can play Roblox on my $330 iPad or even the new $200 iPad touch Way better than this Chromebook. Even my 4-year-old iPhone 6 can play Roblox better than this thing.

    1. @RoshanGamer Which in hindsight is very baffling.

      Why add a notch *that big* when people already feel uncomfortable with a much smaller notch and only has to deal it, yet google thought of putting one of that size, only for people to disable it later on, like couldn’t they just stick with a top/bottom chin like on the regular pixel 3 instead if all they do is widen the notch? Which just makes the device look both unaestheically unappealing and making watching full screen videos even more annoying.

      Why add a „feature“ like removing the notch, when adding a notch makes up for an attempt in a full screen bezelless design because the front sensors have to be placed somewhere? The notch removal setting literally defeats the „purpose“ of the notch all together.

      Samsung has a top/bottom chin but at least those were much slimmer, and almost a completely bezelless design than the Pixel 3XL.

    2. @Leo D. Le Roux, its feature. Those want can have it.
      Other can disable it. Simple.
      Actually there are there options – Black box ie No notch, notifications black bar and Notch.

    3. @Leo D. Le Roux Pixel 3xl ’s notch although hideous, has 2 📸s – normal and wide angle. Along with nice front facing stereo speakers, which Samsung lacks.
      And there’s notchless pixel 3, for those don’t want notch.

    4. @RoshanGamer the way it removes the notch moves all the information to below the notch instead of just blacking out the section, so you still lose significant real estate. This makes you have barely a half an inch more screen size than the standard version of the pixel 3. Additionally, the notch made the upper speaker smaller, so it’s noticeably and annoyingly weaker on one side for stereo sound.

    1. DragonTechRoyale4k i wanna install chrome os 70 on the new iPad Pro 2018 i got. Sorry but i could not just wait for the pixel slate. But now I look at how useless iOS is and regret it

    1. Faisal Alam I have a 6s which is 4-5 years old and I will still receive the new big update when it comes out tomorrow. Meanwhile the s8 which is about 2 or 3 years old will not get the next google update.

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