Merlot by Haydenshapes | Craig Anderson Signature Model

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The unique wine glass shaped Merlot, is a specific shape that has been designed for fun, small wave performance surfing.
Its most notable feature is the side cut outline that runs from the wide point down to a pronounced hip behind the front fins. When the board is put on rail, the concave outlines are engaged, causing the water flow to follow. This allows the board to draw tight curvy arcs in fun everyday conditions.
The center line rocker has been taken from the Hypto Krypto design, with the addition of some extra curve in the nose and tail. This is flat which gives great planing speed when not on rail, racing down the line or through dead sections.
The Merlot's foil is quite forgiving in the front end and quite sensitive and reactive off the tail. The concave runs from a single in the front end, through to a double between the fins, with a late vee in the last 6 inches of the tail.
If the conditions are playful, onshore or off shore – the Merlot is ideal. Its instant unique feel develops and delivers maximum performance in small waves.

Merlot by Haydenshapes | Craig Anderson Signature Model

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