Michael Novogratz on bitcoin’s latest rally

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Michael Novogratz, former hedge fund manager and CEO of Galaxy Digital Holdings, joins CNBC's "Closing Bell" to discuss the reasons for bitcoin's latest rally.

Michael Novogratz on bitcoin's latest rally

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    1. @Eric P sure if you say so. i fail so see the intrinsic value. gold is a commodity (it’s something physical), dollars are widely used and are accepted for every transaction and have a low volatility in price. The majority of crypto trade volume is fake and scams and hacks are rampant.

    2. Dr. Guru crypto is being adopted as we speak. And you think the gold being traded is physical? Oh, my sweet, Summer child…

    3. @Eric P do you know the definition of a commodity? oh my… someone needs to open a book! How is bitcoin being adopted? Would I pay 1 satoshi today for a burger and 100 satoshis tomorrow for the same burger? On the other hand, blockchain technology is being implemented as we speak and has very good advantages.

    1. @Bleedheart Inflection the Dollar was pegged to Gold prices before the US dropped out of the gold standard. Debit and Credit are how economies work, I am not supporting the debit economy but that is how you can grow economies fast and efficiently.

    2. So you prefer to not have a free market of currencies and to continue the QE Infinity experiment to support the fiat dollar ponzi forced onto the world by bankers that are immune to USA laws on private land and never audited and bail themselves out and get caught manipulating silver prices.

      My point is key.

    3. ponder2006 owning it than and holding it since than is the big difference. I done had it in ‘14 & ‘15, thot it was best to sell them cuz price went up. IMO holding it for 2-5 years and than think about selling just like any other investment. But ain’t nothing wrong with securing your profit at all. Depends what you trynna do

    4. @ponder2006 if the us government made a bitcoin, that would make it centralized to 1 entity. There is and always will be only 1 bitcoin blockchain that is king. Your argument holds no ground

  1. If you know anything about the Kardashev scale, you know bitcoin and other crypto assets are an indicator that we’re are reaching a type 1 civilization. This push towards decentralized money and assets are inevitable.

    1. Great point Lu. Another one is Spiral Dynamics, which shows that we’re moving into stage green, which is much more globally inclusive world view.
      Big changes ahead, brothers and sisters!

    1. bitcoin is digital gold, but iota is also an amazing proyect, its the internet of things, it will connect every eletronic device to each other, and the transactions are free.. volkswagen is creating cars that run on iota for 2020

    1. Andrew Freeman You sound like a shitcoin scammer. Yes, Litecoin is a shitcoin. It is a copy/paste clone of Bitcoin with zero new technology, just blocks every 2.5 minutes vs. 10 minutes. Too bad this change doesn’t actually improve anything, but the Litecoin shills spam it to sucker in ignorant noobs.

  2. Anyone notice Mike’s “slip of the tongue” when he said “Apple” and and after a pregnant (though quick) pause , he said “Facebook”? Well, Apple is coming. June 1, 2019.

  3. bitcoin has helped me connect with the world market its awesomely cheap to transact with a world base now without banks its a massive deal just for that

  4. Good pitch! And is true. Bitcoin has and demonstrates the most dramatic increase in value compared to everything else in the world. Just think if it keeps going like it’s been going… how much it will be worth.

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