Official USBKill Pro Kits available on Amazon Prime!

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The USBKill Pro Kits (Anonymous and Standard) are available now:
Amazon America:
Amazon Europe:

These are official products – so you can purchase with confidence.

Take advantage of Amazon Prime's free overnight shipping – and pay in your local currency. Currently available in Amazon USA and Amazon Germany – the market-places also sell to Canada and Mexico, and all over Europe.

Check out the products on:
Amazon America
Amazon Europe

We're working on adding stock to new marketplaces in the coming weeks – so stay tuned.

Official USBKill Pro Kits available on Amazon Prime!

11 Kommentare

  1. Is the test shield also available? Or is that not a thing anymore.

    I got a defective shield and he was super nice and send me a new one! Kaboom

    edit: it appears the kits do come with them. So nvm 🙂

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