onecoin latest news || Onecoin project Manager announcement about dealshaker

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onecoin latest news || Onecoin project Manager announcement about dealshaker

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onecoin latest news || Onecoin project Manager announcement about dealshaker

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    1. Marian Murphy – we’re already laughing. You fools are like little children holding monopoly money, not realizing they will never be worth anything outside the board game and too stupid to multiply the > 52,000,000,000 ponzi points your scam company fake minted, which will exceed the value of all US Dollars in circulation, by Christmas. lol

      You can’t fix stupid.

    2. Marian Murphy I’ve already seen the new DealShitter. Once again, the project was completely outsourced. Also, the only reason OLN will be allowing 10% ONE (coupons, not crypto) and 90% fiat is so Onecoin scam company can further take an astounding 25% commission on that many more deals. As long as they can figure out how to still get paid, they’ll keep scanning people until Onecoin either fully collapses or the „blockchain“ is unplugged again.

  1. Where is split barometer since 2 months. Did you check? It is on 99% more than 2 months even after start of ico. What type of management? It is totally mismanagement.

    1. +Shahjee Pk Crypto thanks for the information.
      Did you noticed how much time passed for recent split? Too much time even having ico phase.
      They promised many things in recent passed but did not fullfilled like
      1- merger of online shopping platform starting with a word.

      2- 8th October then 23 October, new website of dealshaker. It is still pending. Only beta version yet.

      3- no xcoinx exchange yet.

      4- no announcement of other exchanges where onecoine will be traded.

      5- no any information about old members for releasing their coin for trade.

      It is too much slow. Their plan looks to be done in the end of 2019.

    1. There are bad news since year one. Stupid people don’t care about it .. but their splitbarometer and their blockchainsimulator script aren’t working anymore. No official news. I think it collaps befor 2019. Just some IMA and idiots will still promoting it into 2019.

    1. +MY reddy, my friend you don’t need ref to sell it. When it will be in open market you will go in the exchange and place a sell order and buyer sitting any where in the world can buy it.

    2. Dear You use coins Now in new dealshaker website when Company launch new dealshaker … anywhere in world ect.. India , UK , USA, …. My advise to use wait until open market…When company announce use coins in Exchanges… ok wait of Company official announcement ? ok dear

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