Pukas Surfboards Original Sixtyniner

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The Pukas Original Sixtyniner surfboard. Combining the wider front half of a retro fish with a narrower, rounded pintail, and a little extra kick in the rocker. The Sixtyniner is a wave catcher, with the wide point under your chest it paddles like a longboard, but with the smooth lines, tucked in tail and rocker, turns on a dime. This magic little board feels 'alive' under your feet, you can carve walls to your hearts content, thrash it around in small waves and you'll be stunned how well it holds and projects in steeper, hollow conditions. The 'One board quiver' moniker has probably been levelled at far too many surfboards, but the Original Sixtyniner really fits the bill and could comfortably equip you for most surf trips and conditions as long as 10ft Pipe isn't on your 'to do' list.

Grab yourself a Pukas Original Sixtyniner here:

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Pukas Surfboards Original Sixtyniner

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  1. This is a great board, but it just does not work in small gutless waves as the tail is too thin. Where it excels is in giving the older gentleman ripper plenty of paddling power to compete with the groms, but without sacrificing the ability to express yourself, board can really be pushed and even though it has fat rails, they never seem to catch or bog. Will handle plenty of size with the right fins, match this up with something like the Baked Potato from Firewire and your are set for any conditions.

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