Ripple XRP is an Excellent Long-Term Investment, Here’s Why FROM Brad Garlinghouse XRP TV 2018 HD

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Brad Garlinghouse
Ripple Seoul Korea Meetup
능력자분들의 한국어 자막 추가 부탁드립니다
Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng Talks Bitcoin – Ripple – South Korea Regulations – Cryptocurrency
Sul Bitcoin e Altcoin scegliere la speculazione o il progetto? Ecco cosa ho scelto io!
비트코인 암호화폐 가상화폐 리플 이더리움 등 차트 멘탈 교육해드립니다. 게임 방송 및 생활 예능 종합 채널 럭히구봉 많은 사랑과 응원 부탁드려요

Ripple XRP is an Excellent Long-Term Investment, Here’s Why FROM Brad Garlinghouse XRP TV 2018 HD

30 Kommentare

    1. Dont cry. Free Market Selects Winners. If you think Bitcoin will be where the coin will take in one day and the fee will be more expensive than the coffee you want to pay. then invest in BTC ..L

    2. +Spencer G the only thing I have seen you post is negative things about XRP and only positive things about XLM. XRP is not a scam. Period. Juat because your tribal brain can’t accept that there are other projects making progress is to me very astounding.

  1. My take on this vid, the only crypto that crossed the starting line..that’s huge in itself!!! The long term, yes when considering when XRP started..its apparent, this will be massive !!! Bravo Ripple Labs !!!

  2. I like XRP, the clever idea, the smart team & Ripple’s dynamically-typed effects!
    Just carry on!
    Best wishes from Switzerland!

    1. Pump and dump is a clever idea!
      Bait and switch is a clever idea!
      Selling tokens to the general public without proper disclosures is a clever idea!
      Clever idea!
      Also a SCAM!

    2. Sam W: Who’s paying you to spread all this FUD? I see your comments all over. If you don’t believe in XRP, why are you wasting your time visiting all these sites and spreading negativity? Why not get a life?
      You’re not swaying anyone to your point of view. Now you just look like a screwball. Whatever arguments you’re trying to make will be overshadowed by the fact that you’re just a disgruntled individual wanting attention.

    1. Brad is going to be one of the richest guys in the world very soon. If I’ve done my calculations correct, his wealth will dwarf bill gates several times over

    2. Sam , do u troll every xrp video ? I’m surprised u haven’t pasted ur articles…. if the price goes to $3 again most people here would have made a small fortune seeing the price is abt 33c, wats ur problem?

  3. I bought xrp last year for $ 0.20 and sold for $ 2. From the beginning, I had a clear vision of what this coin means to me. Now I buy XRP again, but the value for me is growing dramatically. Now, for me, XRP has a value of at least $ 200 and I will not sell for less.

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