Should you buy from Amazon Warehouse Deals? – AMD R9 290 Unboxing

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28 Kommentare

  1. Why did you out the card on the anti-static bag like that?? There is metal on the outside of the bag to disperse the electricty. If you would of been statically charged you could of fried your card from just touching the bag 🙁

  2. That might actually be mine old card. I sent it back to Amazon because it fit poorly in my case and overheated constantly. Might have just been my case cooling. Hoping it’s fine for you 🙂

  3. Yes you shouldn’t put components on the outside of anti static bags, yes sometimes I do, an no in 25 years of working on computers have I every static shocked a card doing this. Now walking across carpet in socks holding a card…. well maybe that way….

  4. I bought an Amazon Warehouse MSI 290X, looked good, came packaged well, kept getting black screens, coil whine, thing was a POS and went back immediately. I have also bought an Nvidia Shield Portable listed as acceptable for about 40% off and it had a little scuff and has been perfect ever since. It is a total crapshoot.

    1. I bought a Blackwidow Chroma keyboard (170 dollar keyboard) through warehouse deals that was described as new in pristine packaging for 136 dollars. Applied for Amazon Card(that I wont use) got the 40 dollar gift card for signing up. So in the end I paid 96 dollars for this thing.

       Received the keyboard today, The A key doesn’t work properly and the packaging was far from pristine. I then opened online customer support chat and spoke with Mohamed. He initially tried to tell me they can’t do a refund because it was through Warehouse Deals and he could refund only 10% of the cost. I explained that Warehouse Deals was 100% owned by Amazon and they are 100% responsible for sending me a NEW keyboard. The refund price went up to 20% of the cost. I then said if I don’t receive a brand new keyboard I was contacting the Better Business Bureau and I was going to get a brand new keyboard from Amazon either way. At this point he was saying he understands my concerns and still trying to beat around the bush and avoid having to send me a new keyboard in return. To keep it semi-short, I stuck to my guns and now they are sending me a BRAND NEW unopened keyboard overnight shipping for the same price I paid for this one. Issued a full refund for the price of this keyboard and made a shipping label for me to return it.
       The moral of the story is; Even if you receive a bunk item from Warehouse Deals. You can get them to replace it with a new unopened product(If the item was described in „Like New“ condition) free overnight shipping and they pay for the other one to ship back. Even things described in lesser than new condition i’m sure you could keep returning until you recieve one that works. You can’t take no for an answer. They eventually give in, always.

    2. +Nya Stclair they will bend sometimes but it is all internal policy related based on the value of the item…stock availability… Who you talk to, etc. For my $1000 monitor that arrived in sad condition I can only get a refund which is a shame since I really wanted it! Either way…congrats on your score!

    3. If it was described in better condition than you received, i’m sure theres a chance to sly your way into a new one if there isnt another warehouse deal in stock. A full refund is still very good though. And thank you sir! No way i can game without a functional „A“ key. Strafing left is a must in many games that i play. I wasnt giving up until i got a new condition chroma. Lol

    4. Unfortunately, the item is being reviewed on Amazon and they are no longer selling new models. It is the LG 34UM95. Pretty sure LG discontinued it. 

    1. +mrmessma If say I bought something, then gave it away, the company may or may not cover the item since you wouldn’t have proof of purchase. This varies by company, but can be an issue.

    2. +TimmyTechTV Wouldn’t the amazon warehouse receipt show „used/open box“ and then the manufacturer wouldn’t give you their full warranty or am I mistaken?

  5. The warehouse deals´ products are always marked by their condition, ranging from acceptable to „like new“. So I would like to know what was the condition of this particular product?

  6. What’s the point of making a video like this on used stuff without testing for artifacts? That was the only important thing to do.

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