S&M | NDRV3 MEP | Full MEP #5

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[no ndrv3 spoils (anything that seems like a spoiler is au), nsfwish themes with censors]
welcome to s&m, or as id like to call it, sibel&m
deep breath, this took 3 renders bc i kept finding mistakes in the render itself ejjfd
Now i can finally focus my attention on other meps too bc its summer time my bitches!! (i will give out parts for oops i did it again tonight, sorry its taking so long)
ALSO, A SPECIAL THANK U TO THE AMAZING SIBEL FOR TAKING 6 PARTS, THANK U TO ALL BACKUPS (especially angie who did her part super fast!), AND EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN GENERAL ILY! also an apology to pixelai bc i acidentally added the coloring of my half of 12 to her half as well – im sorry, i didnt intend to color your part too!
♡ intro: kiibokiibokii
♡ part 1: xElectrica | kiibo
♡ part 2: Adrian Please Stop | hoshi ryouma
♡ part 3: yandi | kirumi tojo
♡ part 4: sib tsumibae | gonta gakuhara
♡ part 5: verii | ouma kokichi
♡ part 6: suraisdyingbecausekokichi | korekiyo shinguji
♡ part 7: kishaun | maki harukawa
♡ part 8: sib tsumibae | iruma miu
♡ part 9: cyan verses | shuuichi saihara
♡ part 10: kiibokiibokii | iruma miu
♡ part 11: XElectrica | korekiyo shinguji
♡ part 12a: pixelai | tenko chabashira
♡ part 12b: kiibokiibokii | tenko chabashira
♡ part 13: yandi | maki harukawa
♡ part 14: moonzies | kiibo
♡ part 15: mikans* | yumeno himiko
♡ part 16: Resolute J | amami rantarou
♡ part 17: sib tsumibae | ouma kokichi
♡ part 18: Krypto | kiibo
♡ part 19: MisakiY | kirumi tojo
♡ part 20: sib tsumibae | kaito momota
♡ part 21: kiibokiibokii | amami rantarou
♡ part 22: sib tsumibae | tsumugi shirogane
♡ part 23: sib tsumibae | angie yonaga
♡ part 24: moonzies | kaito momota
♡ part 25: trash kun | kaede akamatsu
♡ i do NOT own any of the content in this video and i do NOT make any profit whatsoever of this. all content (song, anime & fanart) belongs to the original owners. please contact me if any of your works were featured in this video and you want direct credit listed here.
♡ just for information sake, the reason i do not tend to post art links by default is due to how much extra time it takes to keep track of each art source, especially when most sources are hard to find nowadays. i'm always willing to post sources when provided or specifically asked, however!

S&M | NDRV3 MEP | Full MEP #5

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