Sony BRAVIA – How to install, update and uninstall apps from Google Play™

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There are many apps available on Google Play™ for you to install and enhance your living room experience.
In this video, you can learn how to install, uninstall and update apps/games with your Android TV.

1. Google, Google Play, Android, YouTube are trademarks of Google Inc.
2. Use of this TV requires consent to Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
3. All images in the video are simulated. Some freatures/apps/services may not be available depending on the region/country/products.
4. Please make sure your TV is connected to the Internet.

Sony BRAVIA – How to install, update and uninstall apps from Google Play™

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  1. It is so sad seeing promotion for a non Sony Store front on the official Sony Youtube page. Why are you selling Google TV with the Sony name slapped on it? This needs to end. Next years Bravia’s need to be running on a Modified PS4 APU, and a Modified PS4 OS, with apps coimg from the PlayStation Store. Sony needs its mutliple product lines working together to strengthen Sony, not to help Google, assert complete control over the market.

  2. Hi I am using Sony Bravia tv and having app problem…music app…when I click left side for option to open folder or album any other options it stopped and says „Unfortunately,music has stopped“. kindly help

  3. I am a sony user in my all apps section there is only ( opera tv , netflix , youtube ,youtubekids and browser and photoframe mode and radio and photo sharing plus. Where should i go to google play plzplz plz reply

    1. it’s not an android tv )fullstop) those are just apps feautured in you cant do anything that’s it even I have the same.

  4. We’re done. Sony, take your Bravia crap and send it back to china. Absolutely the worst television set I’ve ever purchased. Panasonic we’re coming back. I know they’re Chinese as well, but at least they work.

  5. Tenho uma tv soni bravia modelo KDL 32WE610 não consigo instalar o aplicativo ssiptv gostava que me ajudassem obrigado

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