Sony is developing an E-Ink Laptop

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Sony and E Ink have joined forces to release an notebook with an e-paper display.

Sony is developing an E-Ink Laptop

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  1. I would defenetely buy such laptop to releave strain if my eyes, the only issue is video playing – probably wont be good I suppose, but who knows, maybe Sony will surprise us.

  2. I read about this on your website.
    Is this going to be a new video series summing up articles on YouTube for people who don’t go to the goodereader site?

  3. That’s good to know, I hope your Sony prediction is more reliable than, the time you said Amazon would be announcing an Electrowetting Colour Display Kindle E-reader…:-)

  4. E-ink laptops would be ideal for writers and programmers who spend hours looking at a screen and who do not care about videos and photos. I know that my e-reader which uses the same technology is much kinder to my eyes.

  5. A great idea, as long as they don’t forget to include a proper keyboard and make them large enough (can’t stand tiny devices). The huge plus is a much longer battery life, and no blue light messing with your eyes.

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