Sparkassen Finanzkonzept 2011 – Eier – 30sec.

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director: Daniel Warwick I director of photography: Baz Irvine
agency: Jung von Matt Spree I production company: BIGFISH

Sparkassen Finanzkonzept 2011 – Eier – 30sec.

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  1. Can somebody pleeeease translate this commercial for me?? My husband and I are living in Germany and we keep seeing this commercial, it looks so funny but we don’t understand what they’re saying :/

  2. Man: Sparkasse’s customers are more satisfied! That’s why we are now going to practise customer-oriented consulting! Michalski!
    Michalski: Each of those eggs is a customer we have to understand. What does your customer want? Mrs Habeck!
    Mrs Habeck: He wants me to be responsive to his customer needs. Like the Sparkasse. And that his financial interests take centre stage, not ours.
    *man eats egg*
    Man with egg: I had no choice. He wanted to go to Sparkasse.

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