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    1. J. Martin – I disagree.. I could tell they’ve thought this through. It seems to have features I feel are missing from a Moleskine

  1. How did that raise so much money on Kickstarter? Its a basic notepad with some ribbons?? I kept watching to see what made it special, then he got on the train..

    1. simple.
      1. If you look at over 1000 products this note book has features has no other notebook has: It’s Cutting edge, an upgrade.
      2. Let’s say you are news journalist and you have to write about 5 events the Same day.
      Try finding your notes in a moleskin. Not possible. This notebook Possible
      3. Find any product in kick starter. Type it into youtube with the review: Boom it ends up on all social media.
      Note before reply:
      Lots of people commit fraud thru the starter fund raisers: But they still make 1000 if not millions of monetary currencies. Thanks to social media it only takes 5 happy customers to sell anything. And nomatic has ‚em

  2. Not revolutionary, but still an awesome notebook. I’m getting one to help with two goals. One, during cutting season in the gym to record my diet and my workouts. On the other front, to help plan out my study sessions for my LSAT I’m taking in June.

  3. I saw the kickstarter project about your travel bag which i found pretty cool, but now after having to watch that commercial for about 1000 times, well…. I never gonna buy anything from you!
    Looks like you fucked time on the marketing side…

  4. This thing looks amazing! Great Job guys. Simple features but for someone who loves his notebooks those features are a big deal. Can’t wait to get one.

  5. S.SNP Press & CCD needs to add video reviews This product:
    Finally, A Notebook that has almost everything:
    All you need now is the pocket version For journalists
    Pocket Checking/debit card register( The size of the card)
    Accounting book/ donation receipt book
    Pocket ledger
    Water proof Cover/ resistant pages.
    Movie register ledger (column for numbers, blank lines for movie names page number)

    Until then Shared to new worth YouTube videos play list

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