These are the next big catalysts for the bitcoin rally

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A look at bitcoin's wild run to $8K and beyond. With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Brian Kelly, Mark Tepper and Tim Seymour.

These are the next big catalysts for the bitcoin rally

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  1. I love how wrong these analysts are. hahaha. They always point to the success of Bitcoin as USA-centric. Bitcoin is a GLOBAL asset/commodity and currently the price is manipulated by foreign currency traders with deep pockets. The run up to a $800 billion crypto market cap wasn’t from US institutional investors. In the long term, the growth of Bitcoin and Blockchain will come from global adoption. People around the world using Bitcoin and other Blockchain services in their everyday lives. Till then, this is a lot of manipulation by unknown players.


    1. Naruto Uzumaki in the world of cryptos yes it is up by little, I’ve been in BTC since it was $245, still holding…you said sell but I bet you have not even got in ? good luck waiting for 1k!

    1. Heinz der Brathuhnkatz this sort of comment is getting old pretty quickly…This time the joke is on you if you keep waiting for a lower low…

    1. @Selli Veronika not rich, but i had a desent amount of money from it. which someone else lost. people earn money from other peoples loses and that is great?

    2. @Emma Sophia Taylor that’s not quite correct. Just because you gain wealth doesn’t mean someone else has to lose. Wealth is not a zero sum game.

  3. Bitcoin might be volatile but all Fiat money is in terminal decline through infinite money printing. a five-year-old knows what’s the more desirable state

  4. Good one here too, I got to understand more about bitcoin trading with the help of a professional trader Mr Stephan Briggs, his knowledge of the market amazes me

    1. I’m happy he’s making good names for himself, Mr Briggs made me believe that there are still good and trusted traders out there

    2. @Ensley Noah yes though I invest more, let’s say I’m a high risk taker and I have had reasons to doubt his competence

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