This Will Kill Your Computer

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Is the 2016 MacBook Pro Worth It?
The USB Killer will destroy nearly anything you plug it into. Don't try this at home.
USB Port Blocker on Amazon:
Electronic Frontier Foundation:


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    1. Why should it be illegal? If you buy it to make shure all your private stuff does not end up at some shady scammers hands, then go for it. If you buy it to destroy stuff that are not yours, then I guess you will be facing charges because of your actions. Anyway. You can build one one your own.

    1. +Neo’s Channel if you did that at school on a military base, you would get into a lot of trouble for damaging government property and you would probably get expelled!

    1. yeah its really shitty. I dont like jokes like this because some dumbass out there is gonna take it as a brilliant hilarious idea.

  1. Can I just wear electric proof gloves then kill a CCTV system & kill the whole security sweet? Or can I plug it into a spoiled brats Xbox?

  2. Okay might have been 2 years, however, I finally decided to do it. I didn’t try it at home. I went to school, and might have plugged it into my teachers computer…

    May or may not have gotten in trouble, big time.

    That’s not the point the point is, I did it! >:)

  3. The sad thing is, if you haven’t got one then your doomed xD
    Bcuz they don’t sell these anywhere anymore, it’s very rare, I’ve had one since 2015 still works surprisingly however now you search it’s very hard to fine, I believe Amazon is your only luck.

    Or some yard sale?

    1. MakaylaTheLegend What? You can literally go to their website and buy one of the upgraded models. They are all over the internet…

    2. Lol, also some of us are electronics engineers and could make a similar device in a few hours or so. Hell, I could make one that puts 20KV across the line, causing a conductive arc path capable of shorting mains. It would blow the USB, the power supply, the fuses, and possibly the breaker that computer is on while potentially just causing the computer to outright explode inside. It would be a trivial matter to put a 5 minute delay on it.

  4. This is nostalgia to me.. I made some money online a few years ago and baught this. Their was this one VERY rude teacher that always singled me out while I was just kind of silent sitting in the back. I baught one of these babies and during lunch I asked to use the bathroom, walked to her class and fried her pc. Now I am no longer in school but the nostalgia is good. She really did deserve it

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