Titans 1×11 End Credits Scene

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Titans 1×11 End Credits Scene

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  1. Total badass post-credit scene with the tease of Connor Kent the child of Superman and Lex Luthor and Krypto the Superdog!!!!!!!!!!. I had predicted about Cadmus Labs a while back and like the comics they are responsible for creating Superboy/Connor Kent.

    1. +M. Abdullah it is true Lex Luthor is the human half of Conner Kent which has weird applications of suppressed homoerotic emotions Lex seems to have for Superman if you stop to think about it for more than a minute.

      It’s pretty gay to use your own DNA to create a stable clone successor to your mortal enemy / arch-nemesis.

  2. This show is the beginning of a new universe that has everything we expected to see in the arrowverse: Bat-family, amazons. kryptonians, even superboy and krypto.

    1. +Isral Sheahan idk about that… I think they wanna build a world and than have their own take on superman and batman for their streaming service, its not like this is a streaming service that has a contract with DC, this is DC… meaning they got more rights than CW or any other television channel that has a DC contract

    2. it would be cool if this is the future version of the arrowverse. if either Keiynan Lonsdale or Colton Haynes make an appearence in their arrowverse costumes, it would be cooler. too bad, the show is aired on netflix instead

    3. Brandon right but at this point there to scared to show Batman or anyone on the tv shows. Only name drops. People will know it’s a different Batman by a long chance.

    1. its possible that the actor shown is the actor they already have on lock to play him, I mean they added doom patrol this season, so it might be possible we seen Conner on Doom Patrol or another show that comes out before season 2 of titans

  3. Yes!!! ? as a Superman fan, I’m happy to see any member of the Superman family in any film/television ? especially with Jon Kent on the way in the Supergirl show. I just hope that he’ll get treated better then he is in Young Justice. Weak and underutilized af on that show ?

    1. Kayoss13212 My question is will he be like his YJ counterpart or the original comics, cause I kind of really want the latter just for his egotistical personality.

    2. BigK13372 I just hope that they don’t take alway most of his powers and turn him into a jobber for the other heroes and villains like they’ve done to him on YJ ?? lol. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if they pulled a Superman vs the Justice League on Superboy. But my opinion’s biased. Haha.

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