Tour of Honda Element Camper

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Hey everyone! I’m Nate. I live the van life full time out of a Honda Element custom camper conversion. This is a video tour of my Honda Element campervan conversion. Please like, subscribe and feel free to ask any questions below!


Camera –
Main Lens –
Zoom Lens –
Drone –
Microphone –
Mini Tripod –
GoPro –
Laptop –

Folding Solar Panel –
Charge Controller –
AGM Battery –
12v Fridge –
More Gear –

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Tour of Honda Element Camper

32 Kommentare

  1. Great job! I love my element and while I am working on downsizing my lifestyle, you’ve taken it to the next level. Kudos!

  2. You’ve got an awesome small camper there ? I’ve just made my MPV car into a nice camper too my friend, Happy days,
    Best wishes ☺

  3. Awesome! Thinking of getting one to live out of, it seems perfect for that. It is not too big so it’s discrete but not too small so you can live in it.

    1. I’m 19 and I like mine. Sure it wasn’t my first choice but when my Dad got it for me on a good deal ($4500) I couldn’t complain, and now I really appreciate the room it has inside!

    2. Don I used to love tiny cars, but I recently got my permit and the first car I drove since getting my permit was the element and I’m literally in love and trying to find one for myself

    3. yeah my 2005 ex has 155k miles and other than 20/24 mpg and new alternator, condenser fan, no complains. i also lived in it for 4 months, quiet roomy and stealthy. also a great cargo van w/ rear seats removed it swallowed a bed, frames, and an easy chair.

  4. Yo Nate, what’s up man? randomly came across this video on YouTube. I was the buyer assistant when you used to work at CarMax. This is wild dude ? starting to blow up

    1. I was looking to buy a used 2005 honda element with 142,000, wow thats a lot of miles on the vehile how. What year do you have? Have you had any major matience problems?

    2. @DayDoll Honda manual transmissions are known to last forever, while the autos usually go before the engine. However, most people do get at least 200,000+ miles out of even the known „bad“ ones.

  5. Love this setup! Someday I may do something like this!
    Check out the setup that I made with some wood laying around In my Honda Element!
    Im 18 and am travaling around florida for a month In it!

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