Why Bitcoin can go below $4000? Bitcoin Crash 2018 Explained!

In this video, we analyze the key facets of the November Bitcoin market crash as the overall market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market loses an astounding $ 700 billion since its January peak. We highlight the factors that might have led to a major sell-off.

Also, we tried to explain some of the following points:

– Will Bitcoin keep crashing?
– Bitcoin Bloodbath November 2018.
– Is Bitcoin A Bubble?
– Top reason for Bitcoin Crash.

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Why Bitcoin can go below $4000? Bitcoin Crash 2018 Explained!

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  1. You didn’t answer your question.., “Will bitcoin go below $4000”. This video wasted my time, you didn’t even try to speculate you just read out movement in coin market cap and a couple of news items.

  2. Bitcoin market is really volatile, it could go below as well or maybe hike up as well. But it will surely rise in the upcoming years irrespective of the downfall.

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